Have you ever been in the space where you just don’t know what to do with your work and your life and you’re finding it a super tough decision?

Boy do I feel you and I am so happy that you’re here today. 

There are a lot of times in life when this issue comes up, in my experience it is incredibly common when you have small children though I know that I experienced it (and will continue to do so throughout my life).

Getting a bit morbid maybe, but when I get the collywobbles about being in business for myself I often think about what I will be looking back on at the end of my life.

I wonder whether I will regret going for it, giving it my best shot and I am of the deep seated belief that whilst it may not always look how I imagined, and yes I suspect that the path will have some bumps in it – I would almost certainly regret not trying more than giving it my all.

I can only speak as a woman and as someone who was a single mother for a long time but life has hurdles, for each and every one of us. Sometimes they can bite you in the arse so hard you feel it for decades but it doesn’t have to end there for you.

You don’t HAVE to stay stagnant. After I hit my mid 30s I realised that there are some circumstances and situations I can only change by making change.

It’s this part that’s hard though isn’t it.

The making change. For me it meant I was even poorer than I started at times (which was bloody poor I don’t mind telling you) but you see, ultimately. Changing my life simply became about making decisions.

Making the decision to move on, and it was the process of that decision that freed me and propelled me to a future that I have been stunned at.

As a mother my overriding mantra is ‘what will the impact of this decision have on my son’ and whilst that’s an awesome way to be, particularly as the sole carer, it also meant that where I might have tried and failed fast (or succeeded beyond measure) I was too scared to make a decision.

But the time passed anyway. 1 year of wondering turned into 10.

My sons life didn’t get any better, in fact sometimes it got worse, but the minute I chose to go for it things began to change.

I wont lie and tell you it’s all been plain sailing because it hasn’t, I had to make sacrifices and yes so did my son BUT the truth of the matter is that, that small sacrifice has allowed us to build a different kind of life together and it’s amazing and going from strength to strength.

Decision making followed by taking action is the way to free your shackles and boost your confidence.

The key is that if you fail you fail fast and learn from it. It might mean stopping or it might mean adjusting but lady, you can do it.

Honestly, what worries you about it?

The time it will take (the years will pass whether you’re doing the thing you want or not)

The money?

So here’s the thing, if you can imagine yourself in the future both ways, plodding on doing what you’re doing and then differently having achieved the this thing of yours, which one do you really want most?

It’s completely ok if it’s just a pleasant fantasy (like winning the lottery) 

The truth is that what causes us the most unhappiness is simply indecision. 

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Catch you later, Amy x