I’ve talked a lot about brainstorming and research lately but of course that’s not the whole game is it. So, now I want to talk to you about accountability. About goal setting and creating action plans.

I deeply believe that combined well, these things are key to your success. 


There’s a lot of buzz around right now about accountability, I think it’s easy to appreciate that a lot of people feel it’s something that coaches coined in order to give you another reason to work with them however, I’m not one of them. 

For me, I believe that most people buy any kind of course etc. exactly because they believe that they need that accountability to push themselves forward and they’re not wrong.

Developing your strategies yourself and teaching yourself new skills is absolutely doable when you’re motivated or inspired but the reason coaches mention accountability a lot in their marketing is because using a coach or a trainer is about being directed when you don’t know how to decipher the direction yourself. It’s about having someone hold you accountable for the things you say you need to do, learn or start and accountability supports motivation.

That being said, and I know people say ‘start before you’re ready’, I don’t believe that you should risk your financial future on a coach until you know you’re in a good place, the place where you are self disciplined enough to do the work.

Whether you’re flying solo or you’re working with a coach of some description you should definitely start setting yourself some goals and creating actionable steps.

Setting goals at the beginning of your journey/regular work sessions even if you have a trainer/coach is really important. It helps you know what you plan to work on in that scheduled time.

As mentioned in previous posts and generally across my socials (follow me on Instagram here) you should know why you want to achieve those goals and how achieving them will look in your business.

Added benefits

It also means that you will have a new kind of awareness about your goals between sessions too, that additional awareness is the pocket rocket of momentum because you will continue to learn and grow and have an eye for opportunities surrounding that task/area that you want to focus on.

This is how you move forward and get to that magical place called ‘the outcome’.

One of the things I like about setting goals and creating action plans and then regularly revisiting them is that you not only have this focus but you can also assess anything that has been a barrier to that process which means that you can be more flexible.

Goal setting and action plans are quite literally the route you create to get from A (where you’re at now) to B (your desired destination). It’s really important to remember that there will be barriers, stumbling blocks and diversions along the way that you will never have been able to account for before setting out. These are not necessarily signs to give up but do require you allow your path a level of flexibility that isn’t always easy to come by naturally.

Review and be flexible

It’s much easier to be flexible if you work on a monthly or weekly review basis. If you don’t you can feel blindsided and burnt out. Review sessions are a great way to monitor and adjust and also celebrate any of the ‘mini goals’ or ‘milestones’ that you reach along the way. This is great for your motivation.

And of course, it doesn’t have to just be business goals either. I find that personal growth is essential to business growth, working on your personal life alongside your business will pay dividends back in the long run. Trust me, a decade ago I was a single mum, living in temporary accommodation and unable to eat on a regular basis. Now I own my own business, home and have a loving and respectful relationship with a wonderful man. 

Working on yourself will help your business. 

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Catch you later, Amy x