Focusing on the future of your business and the lifestyle you want is great but sometimes we fall back into the rabbit hole we are trying to pull ourselves out of in order to move forward.

At times like this when everybody seems to be gearing up personally and professionally it can make you feel more out of sync and it’s then that it’s easy to fall into bad habits, or to put it more honestly. Old habits that haven’t supported you for a long time.

Self awareness is key to this but you must learn to reflect on what you’re doing and what is peaking and troughing. You’re definitely a trendsetter but whether that’s something that works for you and your business or not is yet to be confirmed!

I will give you an example.

I need so much more quality sleep once the days start getting shorter. Ryan says I am like a caveman and need to go to bed as soon as it gets dark. It’s comically true.

Autumn and winter has it’s upsides but it has a major impact on the way in which I’m productive. For instance, I like getting up an hour before everyone else in the house, I walk the dog or I journal or I have a cup of tea and just calibrate. However, in the winter I just don’t cope well with it, I find myself very tired, I also don’t do my best work before 10am or after 6pm.

My bad/old habit? over-scheduling myself and working late into the night. Both of these things are not necessarily bad trends if they work for you but for me they create tiredness, a sense of overwhelm and I simply really struggle. It’s easy to slip into though and I have to consciously choose not to. Fancy another old habit?

Saying yes to everything.

I bet you can empathise with that. Particularly if your business income is inconsistent. Maybe you say yes to every order even though you know you are compromising on your health to get them made. Maybe you say yes to after standard hours meetings because you don’t want that client to slip through your fingers (especially in the run up to Christmas where you could definitely use a little cash injection.

I want all the money, all the clients and I don’t want to let anyone down. The problem is when I have that mentality I slip into habits that are in fact counter productive. When I overbook myself my quality reduces because I cannot recuperate. When I say yes to everyone I often find I end up having to say no to one or two who would have covered the cost of 10 of the others – quality IS better than quantity here. When I say yes to everything personally and professionally I can keep everyone happy. Everyone except me. I might get run down, pick up the flu or become clumsy and have an accident. I become lethargic and lacklustre and it drains my relationships.

Have a think about about the patterns you have in your business, they may not look like mine but if you know them you can prepare for them. You can create boundaries, you can incorporate strategies to counter balance them and you can be self aware, fighting the allure of the easy old habits that hold you back.

I know I’m trending and I do what I can to make sure they’re positive ones, I’d love you to have access to my free masterclasses and workshops where I show you how to work with the habits that serve you and break free from the ones that don’t just sign up below.

Catch you later, Amy x