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Attraction Marketing

  If you're in business large, small or otherwise this is a phrase that has been bandied around for a few years now. The term itself is simple and simply means that you are attracting customers to you and your business. Why is that new, that's what everyone does right? Wrong. Selling and attraction marketing… Continue reading Attraction Marketing

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Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever get the feeling you've gotten where you are by chance rather than skill? Do you wonder whether you're really capable of doing all the awesome things you do or whether you've just stumbled into some exceptional luck and people haven't found you out yet? Well if you do then I want you… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome

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Mum Life and how does it fit with all this….

What does have to do with self development or business support or health and fitness I hear you ask? Well for me I have to say it has EVERYTHING to do with them. You see I realised a few years ago that I am not one of those people that wants my life to be… Continue reading Mum Life and how does it fit with all this….

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Laser focus – My top 5 tips

One of the issues with so much tech and such 'busy' lives is the sheer level of distraction. Unpopular opinion I know but lets be frank, busy does not mean you're being particularly productive and access to all the tech in the world does not mean you're any better organised. In all the noise and… Continue reading Laser focus – My top 5 tips


Don’t touch my mess you’ll screw up my world…

When I was about 11 my family (mum, dad, brother and 2 dogs) went to Hopton on a family holiday and I bought a small door plaque as my keepsake. It had that very phrase on it and it stayed stuck to my bedroom door until we relocated when I was 14. You see my… Continue reading Don’t touch my mess you’ll screw up my world…

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Fuel Yourself

I have battled over the years with Food. Like many people I use food as both a celebration of the good times and a way to comfort myself in the bad. I think it's human nature BUT in your journey of self development it's so important to take care of yourself from the inside out,… Continue reading Fuel Yourself

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Invest in yourself

It's not easy is it? We are conditioned to make way for everyone else and work our socks of for other peoples dreams because it's selfish to work on our own. We clock in at our 9-5's and we lose a little of ourselves everyday. Have you ever heard people talking about what they would… Continue reading Invest in yourself

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Mindset and your success

If there was one thing I could tell my younger self and actually take on board it would be that the only person that can ever truly hold you back from being successful is yourself. I wish I understood in my teens and 20's the true power of understanding this because, whilst I don't regret… Continue reading Mindset and your success


Time Blocking – A simple tool to help you feel like you’ve made a dent on your to do list!

So you bought some paperwork home from the office, the washing up is in the sink, your clothes for tomorrow aren't ready and you have that hen party to plan. You haven't spoken to your mum in a number of days and you desperately need to shave your legs and run the hoover round all… Continue reading Time Blocking – A simple tool to help you feel like you’ve made a dent on your to do list!

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What Season are you in?

The great Jim Rohn is revered in circles intent on self development. One of the ways he explains what self education, self development and hard work are to us in our lives is to explain life and business like the 4 seasons of the year. This relates to everybody, even people that poo poo self… Continue reading What Season are you in?