Flexible Working

Ah good old writers block had me in it’s powerful embrace this last few weeks. Mind Untitled design (9)blank and page even more so I just couldn’t think of what to write for you all.

In my infinite wisdom I decided that I was going to write a post based upon one of todays ‘trends for you’ hashtags on my Twitter feed.

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I hear voices…

Untitled design (16)OK, I’m going to say it. Sometimes the voices just get too damned loud. All the people on social media vying for attention and telling you all the things you MUST know makes my head hurt at times and then my focus becomes…wishy washy (is it just me or can this also be exhausting?).

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Copy or Content? (this is not a catchy heading)

As a Virtual Assistant I often wear many hats. I’m an administrator for my clients, a Untitled design (7)sounding board, a confidante, a skilled subcontractor, a project manager. I work in apps of your choice, use programmes and software of your choice, update your specific CRM systems, create graphics using your branding and with your message in mind, update your social media, send messages, DMs and emails on your behalf, and I tweak or write your content and copy. (NB: Not all of my clients use all of these services all the time – your need dictates my role)

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Why I’m ditching Facebook…

As 2018 drew to a close and I was putting the year to bed (I talk more about what thatUntitled design (7) means in these two posts ‘Goodbye 2018…hello future‘ and ‘2018, my year in review’ )I began putting in place my 2019 business strategy.

Many of you will have heard of business plans and strategy and a lot will know just how beneficial it is to incorporate this into your social media. There is SO SO SO much advice on it all and in my type of business everyone tells you to use your Facebook page and grow a group.

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Sharing your workload with a Virtual Assistant: How to know when it’s time and what to outsource.

Untitled design (13)Let me be brutal.

If you want a successful business you can DIY it with the best of them but if you want to SCALE up, un-tethered by a glass ceiling then you will, at some point, need to outsource.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, my business is built on your need to do this at some point and yes, of course I would love for you to contact me here to discuss your needs.

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