No matter what my next level is in life and business I always ask myself whether I can hustle with ease.

When I say that it feels very cliché and I can’t help but think it’s why it took me so many years in corporate (and my first year of business) to realise my mistake.

You see, I don’t believe that you should sacrifice your wellbeing for your work and like many women leaving corporate behind, I launched myself full throttle into my business.

However the learning curve of being my own boss was a culture shock.

Instead of standing firm in my belief that sacrificing wellness for success was unnecessary and even counter productive, balance quickly became something I would ‘figure out later’. I just needed to get my business to a certain level first. If that resonates with you then you probably already know what I’m going to say.

I got to the point within 6 months where hustle was all I did. I found myself in a business that was doing well but I was not.

What I wanted

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • More money than I could make in my employed role
  • The ability to switch off at the end of the day
  • To work with people of my choosing
  • To simplify my whole life
  • Time to support and improve my physical and mental health
  • More time to spend with the people I love, doing things that I love


What I ended up with

  • Clients that didn’t respect my time
  • Working weird and wonderful hours
  • Feeling resentful of clients who constantly pushed my boundaries
  • Dozens of bosses instead of being the boss
  • More money, less time than ever
  • Less energy to look after myself
  • Mood swings
  • Daily dread
  • Wobbly interpersonal relationships

I’m not saying that hustle is bad. Each aspect of our lives has an ebb and flow to it and so to hustle with ease is so important. At times our life will require more energy in one space than another and that’s ok. We say that work/life balance is the dream but I think it would be more accurate to say that understanding the power of counter balance is the key. That, and understanding yourself and being honest, open and authentic every step of the way.

Around a year after I started my business and just 2 months after buying a house with my partner I had abdominal surgery that turned out to be pretty mentally and physically exhausting.

Healing took way longer than it should have and I had to take a break from my work. I stopped advertising, I stopped agreeing to new jobs and I simply focused on 4 things. What I had already committed to. My health. My loves and what I wanted my future/our future to look like.

The realisation

The realisation that I had not kept up my end of the bargain with myself was a shock. Though, it really shouldn’t have been. We have been conditioned to let ourselves down before letting anyone else down. Oftentimes I’ve used this method as a way to be more likeable. As a way to beat myself up for not being better. I’ve even used it as a way to get out of taking responsibility for my own life and circumstances.

What I’m trying to say, perhaps not nearly as eloquently as I would like is this.

I don’t believe in sacrificing your wellbeing or the rest of your life for your business however:

I do believe that improving your wellbeing and your life can only improve your work and your income.

You don’t need to pick profit over passion.

You can choose both. And yes, you can hustle with ease.

I worked on this myself and now, taking radical responsibility for your whole life is a huge part of both my 1:1 coaching framework and my monthly workshops – check out Aprils here – The Balancing Act.

I do this because no matter what stage you are at in your business, you deserve to live your life in a way that sees you thrive. Radical self awareness and radical responsibility are so important to living a full, impactful and meaningful life across all areas.

Are you creating a whole life or are you saving that for later?