Being a woman entrepreneur is such an interesting journey full of peaks and troughs.

I have hesitated to write this. It feels like a big subject and one that needs more than I can give in a few sentences.

That being said I need to speak and share and write from the heart about what business is like. There is a lot of noise online about all things online business but here’s the reality.

What do I think?

Let’s find a way to make it work. Build a community and grow your business just because you are committed.

We speak about manifesting often. Dreams come true by speaking them and yet…

It’s actually all about taking action. Doing the work. Believing it can happen for you.

Dreams come true because of the choices and actions that you take every single day. That includes rest, self care and kindness. It also includes relationships, family and lifestyle stuff. Actions and choices every damned day.

There’s more to it than femininity

Being a woman in the online business world is so much more than selling a perfume or creating beautiful jewellery.

It’s about connecting with people. It’s about creating something that people want and need and aspire to.

Being a woman in business is something I’m qualified to talk on. (I am one) but I am well aware that all of our experiences will be different, nuanced by our demographic, culture, religious beliefs, socio economic backgrounds etc.

We all come across the same things.

We know we’re meant for more. There’s something else at play in our lives and we are driven to create something of our own. Maybe we are simply unleashing our creativity on the world.

I want a larger social impact. For me it’s the realisation of a part of myself that I could never find in the corporate world. I hated being hemmed in, held hostage by my hours and red tape. Building someone else’s business whilst the seeds of my own stayed un watered.

The truth is as a woman in business you will have doubts.

Doubts are not imposter syndrome. They are fears and comfort zones.

They’re the little niggling voices you’ve heard whisper about women who try to do what you’re doing.

Doubts are normal especially for women, there’s a lot of inherited pain and fear.

Of course we would feel doubt especially when our path is challenging. It wasn’t that long ago that we had no independence.

We had to stay in unhappy marriages, Our jobs were limited and low paid.

Woman belonged to someone else. We were there simply because we were women. There was no acknowledgment of women having independent wants, needs, hopes and dreams.

That residual fear is normal.

It’s normal to wonder if you have what it takes to pull your business up to the next level.

You’re normal if you know that you’re capable but aren’t sure if you’re THAT capable.

You are not alone if you worry that the next decision you make might somehow mess it all up and that you will humiliate yourself and fail all of the people who look on and are inspired by your efforts.

It’s utterly normal to feel like maybe you’ve already cocked it all up, that somewhere you took the right hand fork in the road when you should have taken the left and someday soon you’ll understand where that was.

Maybe you feel like you do have a successful business but that you’re in the centre of it holding all these aspects of your life by threads and they’re constantly shifting their weight, threatening to fall away at anytime and you don’t have a clue what will give first.

It’s Ok if the enthusiasm you had when you first started out, when it was just an idea has waned with the day to day and you’re thinking maybe it’s a sign it’s just not meant for you, not really.

Most of all it’s normal to think that your passions and goals and ambitions are just too huge for your personality to handle. That being you is what got you here but that being you is also what will hold you back from getting there.

Is it just us?

Sometimes I wonder whether this is just a woman entrepreneur thing and then I think it’s more likely to be an emotional entrepreneur thing. That when you think deeply and want to make a positive impact on the world and leave a legacy for your family, your business hires and anyone that is looking on to know that it can be done and you showed them it was possible – you rightly get emotional.

It feels bigger than just the next step and that’s a lot to handle.

The truth is simple. Being a woman entrepreneur means wanting something so much bigger than ourselves that it connects to us on the deepest physical and emotional level.

How to see it through

Everything you need to succeed is already part of your DNA and what isn’t inherent can be learned. The internet has a shedload of free stuff that will teach you all you ever need to know.

Just ask my mum. She learned how to repair her own car through YouTube videos and it saved her a fortune, meant that she always drives a car that she loves and can stand up to any down talking mechanic that ever tests her car during an MOT.

But I’m not here to boast about my mum. My OG woman entrepreneur. I’m here to talk about the paid support for you and your business. From one woman in business to another.

Because you know the truth don’t you?

You know you DO have it in you to achieve and to impact and to leave this legacy.

Being a game changer in your life first and then in your community and then in the world as a whole really is your destiny. I don’t say this in a woo woo way. I say this as a simple truth.

You’re reading this because you’ve set up your business and because you know that there’s a different way. A better way for you.

But you know you could seek the free support from the internet but you’re moving past that. You want the benefit to having someone to catch you falling when you feel like this because you know it’s priceless. Having someone in your corner every second of every day to remind you that you are a capable businesswoman.

A person whose entire job it is to remind you of who you are and to hold you accountable for what you need to do to get where you need to go. Not just that though, but to unlock how to do it and get there.

This is EXACTLY what I do.

I help women like you to unlock their potential. To build your business whilst promoting your pleasure. I support you to make the impossible, possible. To change the way you connect with your business so that you can grow it beyond your wildest dreams. You get to be unlocked and untethered by what everyone else is doing, you don’t just stay in your lane – we create your lane together so that not only does your business thrive but you do too. Because being a woman entrepreneur means that we have rich and varied lives and we no longer choose to sacrifice an area of it for financial reward.

You can be successful and healthy.

It’s possible to run a thriving business and have a thriving family life that we are fully involved in.

We can laugh more than we cry and still evolve our work.

If you are a woman entrepreneur, if you resonate with this then I want to work with you – sign up today for your GOLD standard of mentoring

Let’s change the narrative on being a woman entrepreneur, together.

Catch you later,

Amy x