To lead your business effectively is at it’s core all about fundamental human needs.

It’s no secret that the world of work is changing and whilst it may have been triggered by a certain global pandemic I think it’s been brewing for a while now.

If you’re reading this you’re likely to be the kind of person that takes pride in what you do and wants to feel connected to their work in more than just a ‘it pays the bills’ kind of a way. You’re probably not shy of a little personal or professional development too.

How do you get from there to being part of the shift in work and business in a way that not only positively impacts you but has positive ripple effects on business and industry as a whole?

The impact of leadership

I’ve been thinking a lot about impact lately. I’ve chosen to mentor for a while (you can check out my services here) and that is certainly one of my own methods of creating impact. Much of what I find when I start working with people is that there has been a history of poor leadership in your career.

Maybe you felt that you were undermined or underestimated by your boss or that your work wasn’t valued. Or maybe it was just the opposite, you felt incredibly attached to your boss and felt overwhelmed by a sense of obligation. This means you may have put your own needs, physical, personal, emotional, professional on the back burner.

I’ve had the extreme fortune to have many types of bosses.

Frustratingly misogynistic ones, extraordinarily talented ones and everything in between. These experiences set the tone for what kind of work experiences we wish to have and as importantly, expect to have. One thing I didn’t realise when I left corporate in 2018 and started my own small business was that in doing so I moved from being a manager to being a leader. They are very different things.

Are you in chameleon mode?

In starting and growing your business you will be stepping into a different way of being and it can come as one hell of a culture shock. First of all you have to become a chameleon. Taking on the mantle of many different roles until such a time as you have led your business to a certain peak and can bring in other people to support your dream business. Then just as you’ve navigated life as a chameleon leading the multi facets of your work and working on the minutiae you must become something else.

A monarch, a head of state, a coach. You must lead in a totally different way.

Different versions of your business will require tapping into different versions of you and if you want to lead your business effectively here are 3 ways that may help.

Lead your business effectively and LISTEN

We have a tendency to wear blinkers. It comes from those early days of driving ourselves forward and being our only source of momentum but as you grow, whether it be as a solopreneur, freelancer or expanding team understanding how to listen to yourself and others will be crucial. It’s what will help you develop solutions, new ideas and stay healthy as a person and a business whilst doing it. So start paying attention. Make notes, write down thoughts and insights that burst into your mind almost as quickly and unexpectedly as they leave and look back on them to see what substance they may have. Listening doesn’t mean blindly following, it just means hearing to learn as opposed to hearing to defend.

Lead your business effectively by UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF

You will be unable to lead effectively whether it be a plan of action, a team or a product from thought to reality if you don’t understand what makes you tick. You need to accept yourself as a human being who has strengths, weaknesses and needs, triggers and inspirations. If you understand yourself first you will cultivate resilience, acceptance, drive and build skills and experiences into your business that will continue to expand it. As you expand so will your ability to enhance yourself or your team and preferably both. Creating a critical growth zone for yourself and those around you. Understand yourself and you will excel in understanding others.

Lead your business effectively with EMPATHY AND CLARITY

How many times have you felt overwhelmed when you don’t understand what a boss or new procedure really wants from you. How frustrating is it when the goal posts constantly move without thought to what this has meant for you.

Leading is not about hardening to a wider environment, but it is in fact about allowing yourself to be vulnerable (Find out more about leading with vulnerability from Brené Brown) to really having empathy with yourself, your clients, your team will allow you a far deeper understanding of the whole thing and what’s more it will empower you to speak with clarity, with kindness and truly lay down expectations that are both achievable and full of integrity and authenticity.

I loath to say lead as the king or queen that you are because I don’t entirely resonate with those terms myself so what I will say is this. The sign of a great monarch, coach, or head of state, the sign of a great leader is one that encourages growth, respects themselves and their needs and teaches others and gives them the space to do the same, a leader does not weaken others in order to appear stronger and they understand that they are a piece of a whole puzzle and they can either shore up their weaknesses and embrace their strengths bringing a cohesive business to life or they can widen the chasms and find themselves often on the edge of the gaps they refused to fill.

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Are you the kind of leader you always wanted?

Catch you later,

Amy x