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What I Offer

Is there a need?

If you need mentor style help when starting a business your options are pretty slim. Cheap or free can often mean not of the greatest quality, not as dedicated to you as they are to them or simply not suitable. Either that or it’s super expensive and just out of your price range.

Personal support each month helping you navigate the ups and downs – clarity on where you’re at and where you want to be – understanding what systems you need and where to find them

I wish I’d had a mentor

It was a pretty full on first year in business and I did brilliantly, but I wonder where I would be right now if I’d have been able to afford and find a quality mentor that had ‘been there’ and was open to sharing the ups and downs with me.

Signposting to guides & trainings and useful resources that target your particular areas of concern – A Friend and Mentor that doesn’t cost the earth but helps you move forward (priceless)


 This service is an absolute steal at just:

 £65 Per month

What Do I Know?

20+ Years of Experience

With many years experience in multiple industries (construction, retail, engineering and NHS to name a few) I have not only honed my skills but I have also taught them.

Running my own business for the last two years has made sure I have my finger on the pulse and that you can put your trust in me to help you navigate the ups and downs of running your own business


The Growth Zone Membership Closes Soon!








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