Mission March: The Motivation Miracle








4 weeks of guided sessions where you can reclaim your mojo, rebuild your confidence and figure out your next best steps, making March your best month yet.

This is a short, fun and impactful program to help you reignite your motivation, confidence and create a sustainable foundation for you to use as you continue build your businesses.

Beginning on 4th March and completing on 25th March this program will have 4 interactive group workshops to help you: reclaim your mojo, figure out what to focus on, design your motivation foundation and finding the confidence to thrive no matter what.




Session 1 – Thursday 4th March 7pm


In this weeks session we will

  • Define what ‘mojo’ means to you in terms of your business/work/side hustle so we can begin creating circumstances and situations to support it
  • Tap in to who, what and why inspires us to help us rebuild our self-belief and reaffirm our positive motivation belief systems.
  • Set a weeks mojo goal that will help us create a plan to support taking next best actions

This session is a positive, enlightening 1st session designed to help you reignite the joy in your business. 





Session 2 – Thursday 11th March 7pm


In this weeks session we will

  • We will explore the ideas, needs, wants, methods and plans that we have become fixated and stuck on so that we can begin to let go what will no longer serve your confidence, motivation or business
  • Figure out what 3 ‘small step items’ will really make an impact on your business during the rest of the month, owning those things that haven’t worked so far so that you can move forward with clearer choices
  • Create a simple plan to help you stay ‘letting go’ of those things that no longer serve you that will also allow you to recommit to the things you need to focus on to move forward. 
  • Set a weeks mojo goal and a small step item to work on. Using what we have learned and clarified to take some next best actions

This session is a deeper but fun dive into what we need to do next to support our motivation, our confidence and to stoke those embers of joy in your business by creating actionable tasks that will reward you. 





Session 3 – Thursday 18th March 7pm


In this weeks session we will

  • Begin to explore who we are and associate that with our values so that we can draw on this in times of uncertainty or discomfort whilst acknowledging where we believe we lack confidence
  • Exploring what triggers our lack of confidence in these situations and what triggers our positive self confidence to draw a confidence map for future help
  • Create a simple plan to help you when you feel wobbly to move to a place of confidence. 
  • Set a weeks mojo goal and a small step item to work on and a practical implementation of the confidence map and plan. Using what we have learned and clarified to take some next best actions

This session is about remembering why you are the perfect person to build your business, exactly as you are now so that you can reach for these tools in times of fear and remember joy in your business. This is about finding acceptance and happiness in yourself now. 





Session 4 – Thursday 25th March 7pm – our final session


In this weeks session we will

  • We will draw together all that we have learned and implemented and build a unique toolkit for your ongoing motivation foundation
  • Using the methods we have explored so far we will each set 3 goals for April. We will recommit to your mojo, choose what to let go of and what to keep and develop our self confidence muscle
  • Make our toolkit accessible, stacking some positive habits we will set our final weeks mojo goal, a small step item to work on and the practical implementation of your confidence map and plan. 

This session is a recommitment of your desire to get your mojo back and flip the script on feeling foggy. It’s light hearted, forward focused and is designed to not only reflect on all of your committed actions but to bring your motivation foundation to life making sure you have the kit you need for an awesome April too!


Who Is Amy

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m a business mentor with a special focus in building business without compromising your health, relationships or life outside your biz.

I have supported hundreds of people to move through overwhelm, fear and the fogginess of what to do next. Equipping them with the tools to build awareness of burnout, methods to help them take their next best steps, bringing in more money and finding the motivation to create a life and business by design.

Defining your own blueprints, your own success and living and working on your terms. Step by step.

Find out more about Amy here

Join me for this mojo enhanching 4 week mini program

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