Mentoring With Amy


You want something more from your life and business

You need a higher level of support than you’re currently getting

You’re committed to creating  a life and business you love in an ‘easier’ way

You want to start seeing some results and moving forward

The idea accountability with personalised support  is exactly what you’ve been looking for

You want a simple, fun, enjoyable way to work on designing work that works for you

Working together to help you to figure out how to start, grow or level up your business whilst maintaining your version of work/life balance

 Especially If you’re…

📌 Feeling stuck, enslaved and overwhelmed by everything you need to do to get where you want to go

📌Want to really increase your growth without compromising on your whole life

📌 Dream of transforming your amazing ideas into a business but don’t know where to start

📌 Are wondering if the ‘work harder and you’ll get what you dream of’ story we tell ourselves is a lie

📌 Need a biz bestie that always has time for you

📌 Struggling with your business/ life hitting a plateau

📌 Keep coming back to old habits and routines

📌 In need some guidance from someone who has been there


Fed up of trying to find work life balance

How I help

Monthly, fortnightly or weekly calls to keep us heading in the right direction and discuss what’s going on with you and your biz. Email support, a 3 month plan and action steps at the frequency of your chosen package.

Not only that,I follow up with you regularly so that you always know where things stand and have me to talk to, signposting to additional resources.

Everything we do together is designed to a)meet you where you’re at b) help you get clear on where you want to be in 3 months time c) figure out and breakdown what you need to do to get there.

My mission when we work together is to do all of that whilst making sure that you have fun, are able to care for yourself and your needs and create your own unique version of work/life balance.

Clarify your vision

Plan a strategy

Build in healthy, strong foundations

From me to you

I really love sharing my experience of building a business as well as the expertise and knowledge gained over a 22 year career.

I heartily believe in the power of mentoring, education and accountability and that it’s utter magic when you find and hire the right fit for you.

With these ‘Balance’ packages I have removed the 6 month tie in (for the duration of the UK tier system during the pandemic) so that you will be on a rolling contract in a way that ensures that you can look after you first.

This is about taking that leap and getting that support you know you need and that you absolutely deserve.

If you have any questions, email or, if you’re ready to go for it, hit that sign up now button above.


hello work life balance

Create the impact you dream of in your business without missing out on your life

I believe you CAN have a business and lifestyle that work well together.

I don’t believe that thriving in one requires you to sacrifice the other.

If we’re on the same page, let’s talk about what working with me in the Bronze Balance Package means.

Tailored to you and your unique needs, dreams and impact requirements we work together on a monthly basis to help you achieve the most success in finding that elusive work/life balance.

Not every business or lifes dream looks the same so we build it out perfectly unique to you.

📌 Confidence building

📌 Mindset shifting

📌 Consulting on your business

📌 Templates and additional resources to support your business and life

📌 Accountability

📌 Actionable steps

Working together to figure out exactly where you want to be

I’m the queen bee of taking overwhelming (if exciting) dreams that feel too noisy and too damned hard to reach and breaking them down.

Creating simple, personalised bite-sized chunks designed to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

work from home dream
What's holding you back

Working on your vision, together

Your vision of ‘success’ and balance is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

It’s tied to your mindset and learning how to get to the root of who you are and what you want can unmask some sneaky little mindset monsters.

One of the many ways I support my clients is by helping them understand limiting beliefs, breakthrough mindset blocks and develop practices and skills to help them, help themselves.

It isn’t all the work we do together but it certainly helps to take how you feel about everything you’re doing into consideration. 

We aren’t corporate – your whole life matters here, in fact I believe that this is an essential foundation pillar – weaving these together in a  unique to you way, so that your work, works for you. 

With regular calls and check ins, a variety of resources and practical action steps, we figure out how to get your needs met and still build a business that supports you in the way you dream of.

In turn running a happier, healthier business that supports and is supported.

Bonus access to 'The Growth Zone'

In addition to the unique and individual support provided by the mentoring packages you get free membership to The Growth Zone, my exclusive membership normally charged at £19.82 per month

Frequently Asked Questions


When Coronavirus hit and I realised how many people needed help and were facing uncertainty I removed the 3 or 6 month tie ins to my blanace packages. Whilst you pay up front for your first month you can cancel if it isn’t right for you or your circumstances change. There are no refunds except in extreme extenuating circumstances

DO you guarantee I will make more money?

No, my mission is to teach you the things I learned in my career and building my business so that it’s quicker and easier for you. I hope in doing so I can support you to build a better work/life balance. I do believe that making money is a part of that however, like with all courses/programmes and coach/mentee relationships you will get out only as much as you’re willing/able to put in. This is not a ‘done for you’ service and results can vary from person to person.

Do You Only Work With Established businesses/freelancers?

 Not at all, my clients vary in terms of their stage. What is consistent is there desire for a better business and a better work/life balance

Do You Offer Ongoing Support?

Yes, you will be set up on a recurring invoice and unless you let me know when you wish to stop it will continue and so will my support.


I can  point you in the right direction in these mentoring sessions but if you’re looking for practical set up support and done for you services then the mentoring isn’t the one for you. I do offer this far more in depth level of support in my  in my ‘Done FOR you’ packages. Please check them out under my services if you’re looking into adding ‘done for you’ service support too.

Amy! I honestly don’t know what I would do without you right now. The support you are giving me is overwhelmingly fabulousand the progress WE are making is perfect.


Helen Pretty

Accounting Coach and Founder, Pretty Successful Careers

Amy, I feel you have made an incredible, responsive, approachable and positive difference to the business. 



As an author starting out, I really needed support and guidance. Not only has @TheAmyJohnsonSD been a rock, she actually rocks. Smart, savvy and organised. If you need an organiser/assistant/adviser look no further. She’s my #MondayMotivation #womensupportingwomen

Georgia Hamilton

Author, The Point Series



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