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What I do

If you work for yourself  then we already have something in common.

A desire for something ‘more’. I specialise in working with people who work for themselves and want to build a business or level up their business and do it ‘well’.

From start-up to expansion to scaling I help you to overcome your challenges, create and streamline the core foundations that will mean your work life balance is upheld and that you’re set up for the type of success you’re working towards.

I’ve been there.

I teach you what I learned growing my own small business and I help you to take the confusion, overwhelm and guess work out of it so that you can really thrive.

Helping you build, grow and scale a business that is sustainable not just financially but for you as a person. 

I believe in

📌 Having a healthy work/life balance is the key to thriving

📌 Systems and processes that support you are ace and create magic

📌 Learning who you are, what you want and what you need is necessary for progress

📌 Success is like a fingerprint – unique to you, once we know what that means for you all bets are off!

📌 You. You deserve the support you need and that there ARE ways to get it

📌 Investment isn’t just financial

📌 Your time and energy are precious

Fed up of trying to find work life balance


The Membership

£19.82 per month

'The Growth Zone'

Clarify your visioning

Email Support/WhatsApp support

Craft your strategy

Systems and Process Integration


Research tech options

Future proofing

Create strong foundations

Operations support

What Mike said about working with me since April 2020

Working with Amy has transformed my business. I run several websites, so juggling projects is always a struggle. I’m terrible at starting new projects and then never getting them going, or neglecting past projects.

Amy has got me organised to the point where running my business is so much more fun! I can now handle the workload thanks to the work-life balance principles she’s taught me.

I’ve finally finished a HUGE 18 month long project that I would have probably never finished if I hadn’t have met Amy. I always struggled for motivation, as being self employed you have nobody to keep you accountable.

Since I started working with Amy this hasn’t been a problem, I’ve been flying through tasks as my regular Zoom calls with Amy has given me the drive to get things done.

I always look forward to my Thursday Zoom calls with Amy, as not only do we make so many plans and come up with new ideas, but we have a laugh – she’s hilarious!

I’ve loved the past six months working with Amy and can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store 🙂

Mike Lovatt

CEO, M&B Marketing




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