Have you downloaded a little something? Well thank you, it’s winging it’s way to you as we speak (do make sure to check your junk folder)

Thank you,

Anytime someone downloads, subscribes, purchases or works with me I’m floored because I really do appreciate it.

They talk about knowing your ‘why’ when you run a business and I always thought it was because I wanted to earn money without limits and build a life and business I love.

Truth is that’s part of it but most significantly, I believe that we should all have access to the resources that we need at the time we need them and I can tell you from experience, sometimes that just doesn’t feel possible.

I remember well when I was living off £20.30 a week to cover all my costs, I was a single mum and I cried myself to sleep many nights wondering whether this was all I could be. Poor, unfulfilled, lonely and whether that is what I was showing my son that life could be for him too.

In 2010 I thought I was stranded doing jobs I hated or stuck on the benefits roller-coaster, proving my worth for a few quid a week and still not being able to really live. Stuck with barely enough money to get by and having to choose between working or spending quality time with my son.

Incrementally I changed my life and it is in large part because of you.

Because I’m fed up of people saying you only take your business seriously when you invest a lot of money in expensive programmes and coaches.

I’m fed up of people wanting more and being encouraged to get into debt to get the help they need when they can barely make their bills.

My why, it turns out, is to impact a many people as I can to building lives that not only meet their financial needs, but also their emotional, familial and future needs. My dream is to lead this charge with equity as the driving force.

I believe you can do this. I believe that you have every right to do this and I believe that when you do, you will pay that forward and we will create new generations of people who believe in our abilities to change the world for the better again.

There is enough out there for us all, wouldn’t it be lovely to know how to unleash that knowledge in ourselves and our children, imagine the good we could achieve in our families, communities and our world.

So yes, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope my little space on the internet and the content you find here helps you find your vision.


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