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The VIP Day

1 Day – You & Me

Are you feeling stuck? Full of thoughts of everything you need, want and would love to do?

No idea how to break it down, make it happen and stop feeling so overwhelmed?

Want to work with someone who can help you get clarity, build confidence and understand where your focus needs to flow?

Feeling ready to take the next step, create a plan and get that breakthrough you’ve been looking for?

How I help

During your 1:1 VIP day we focus on an area that you are struggling with which can include but is not limited to any of the below.

The day is designed to help you get clear on what you want/need to achieve, create a realistic plan to make it happen, help you with any technical aspects that may feel unsurmountable or confusing, direct you to the results you want.


100% dedicated to helping you find the joy, peace, version of success you dream of whilst prioritising what you need to have balance and wellness too.


Clarify your visioning

Email Support/WhatsApp support

Craft your strategy

Systems and Process Integration


Research tech options

Future proofing

Create strong foundations

Operations support



Your VIP day is yours to utilise as you need. It includes:

1:1 laser focused session on zoom (thanks covid!) to help you in your life, business and systems/processes.

During the session we will break everything down and craft a plan for you moving forward.

Highly limited due to the immersed nature of the day you can book 4 per year.

You will receive a questionnaire upon booking so that I can start working out what resources would serve you best and we have a 30 minute prep call in the weeks/days leading up to the day. 

Following the day I will touch base with you regularly via email over the coming months to check that all is going well.

Is it time to start getting that support you know you need?

I know you deserve it.

If you have any questions, email or, if you’re ready to go for it, hit that sign up now button above.

hello work life balance

Create the impact you dream of in your business without burning out

I believe you CAN have a business and lifestyle that work well together.

I don’t believe that thriving in one requires you to sacrifice the other.

Spending the day with me (virtually) to help you get clear, get organised, get focused and get going all whilst maintaining your work/life balance.

That’s right you get my knowledge, my expertise and my practical help too. 

Not every business or lifes dream looks the same so we build it out perfectly unique to you and yours, doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Working together to figure out exactly where you want to be

I’m the queen bee of taking overwhelming (if exciting) dreams that feel too noisy and too damned hard to reach and breaking them down.

Creating simple, personalised bite-sized chunks designed to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. VIP days are entirely focused on you and your work/life with a solution focused ‘whole you’ approach.

Working on your vision, together

Your vision of ‘success’ and balance is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

It’s tied to your mindset and learning how to get to the root of who you are and what you want can unmask some sneaky little mindset monsters.

Just 1 day and you could be running a happier, healthier business that supports and is supported.

 Guidance and ACTUAL help. What’s not to love?

Bonus access to 'The Growth Zone'

In addition to the unique and individual support provided during  the VIP Day you get free membership for the duration of your package to The Growth Zone, my exclusive membership normally charged at just under £20 per month

Frequently Asked Questions


Booking is only confirmed upon payment and there are no refunds however, should you need to reschedule as long as you give 48 hours notice I will do my best to reschedule to a suitable date.


No, my mission is to support you to build a better business and a better work/life balance.

Making money is a large part of that however, like with all services, done for you or otherwise you will get out what you put in. There are also many outside factors that play a part, your health, the economy etc.

We do have a healthy focus on how to increase your income whilst laying the foundations to support you should tough times occur though – I like to think of it as investing in future proofing your business!

Ultimately the VIP Day is a day for you to get an intense 1:1 experience with me helping you in the places that you’re struggling.


Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No, many of my clients are yet to actually start their businesses and simply want my support in the process of setting up.

Do You Offer Ongoing Support?

I provide extensive support during the VIP day. If you wish to work with me on a regular basis you may be interested in my mentoring packages or my fixer packages which also provide done for you systems and process support


Yes but only during the VIP day if that is what you have decided to work on.

What Mike said about working with me since April 2020

Working with Amy has transformed my business. I run several websites, so juggling projects is always a struggle. I’m terrible at starting new projects and then never getting them going, or neglecting past projects.

Amy has got me organised to the point where running my business is so much more fun! I can now handle the workload thanks to the work-life balance principles she’s taught me.

I’ve finally finished a HUGE 18 month long project that I would have probably never finished if I hadn’t have met Amy. I always struggled for motivation, as being self employed you have nobody to keep you accountable.

Since I started working with Amy this hasn’t been a problem, I’ve been flying through tasks as my regular Zoom calls with Amy has given me the drive to get things done.

I always look forward to my Thursday Zoom calls with Amy, as not only do we make so many plans and come up with new ideas, but we have a laugh – she’s hilarious!

I’ve loved the past six months working with Amy and can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store 🙂

Mike Lovatt

CEO, M&B Marketing




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