Business IS Personal

I love my business but I love the world more.

To me success is an individual measure of the achievement of your own desires in life and that means success is different for everyone.

But what if there are things that hold you back simply because of other peoples beliefs about them. Your race, gender, economic background, mental health status, physical health status, body type, disability, religious belief, sexuality, geographic location?

Would it be right for you to have less access to resources to build your vision of success simply because you exist the way you do?


My values are intrinsically tied to equity for all. I don’t always get it right but I always learn and do better. This little space on the internet I hold, this business I’m building is a safe space and will remain as such. All are welcome to find and use the level of support that you may find beneficial to building your own business, life and wealth.

Here’s to a future where our children don’t need to question whether they are safe in any community just because of who they are.



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