Make March your best month yet using these top tips.

1 – Set a weekly goal

Often we get stuck in the bigger picture goals and that can become overwhelming. Why not set a smaller tangible goal each week for your business? Take the sting out of the bigger picture goal and break it down into 1 bitesize chunk each week and make this your non negotiable bare minimum. When you get it done it will motivate you further!

2 – Prioritise your to do list

If you think you already do this, think again. Write down your to do list (no more than 10 items for the week) and rank them honestly in order of priority and then, do them in order of priority. Most important gets done first.

3 – Practise creating motivation

Motivation is a finite reaction to circumstance. Practice creating the motivation you need by doing the following:

  • Look at the month ahead and schedule days off each week (I have Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays) but choose at least 1 day every single week and make sure it’s in your diary, your friends/family and clients know.
  • Make sure you have created the right environment to work in: are you comfortable? is everything you need available?
  • Create playlists for while you work
  • Take note of when and why you feel motivated and do more of that!

4 – Get help to reach your goals

As a mentor (check out my services here) I highly recommend seeking help. After all, help rarely finds the person who doesn’t ask for it. If it’s not a mentor you’re looking for maybe it’s another form of help. Go for it. You deserve support and there are so many resources out there to suit every budget and every need, if only you commit to asking for it.

5 – Show up

When it’s all a bit overwhelming (and the last 12 months have definitely been that) it’s easy to hide from life, from your work and from your ‘audience’ but take small steps this month and commit to showing up in whatever ways you can. This could be being visible online or it could just be showing up for your client work. Start small and show up a little more each day that you can.

6 – Remember why you started this

Everyday remind yourself why you started doing what you’re doing. Write it down. Stick it on your mirror. Say it out loud. Do whatever works for you but this month remind yourself everyday that this work you’re doing has a purpose.

7 – Pay attention to your attitude

The way that we react to circumstances beyond our control or the work that we have to do is so important when it comes to your ability to reach your version of success. Pay attention to what brings out the self saboteur and when you start understanding this you will start seeing that your reaction to these circumstances is what is within your control. Make March your best month yet by learning the art of self assessment.

8 – Train yourself to adapt to change

You can adapt to change. Change is inevitable. This disruption can be hard to manage because we don’t always see it coming. But you’ve got this. Look at change head on and repeat the mantra ‘I adapt well to change’ then go ahead and see what that means for you today. You can do this.

9 – Be willing to accept bad days can happen

This has such an effect on your attitude. No matter how much you do, where you’re at or what strategies you have in place some days can go a bit wonky. The moment of bad today though, should not cloud all the rest of your tomorrows. Journal it out if that’s your thing. Cry if you need to but set yourself up for a reset. I’ve been known to have another shower at 4pm and ‘start afresh’. Don’t forget that age old saying ‘This too shall pass’

10 – Health is wealth

Whatever your health physically and mentally you can always care for it and look after yourself to be the healthiest version of you. Make March your best month yet by paying attention to your needs. Everyday in March ask yourself if you can do something today that will benefit your health. Drink an extra glass of water. Take those vitamins. Make that doctors appointment. Say no to the processed ready meal (or say yes to it if that’s what’s healthy for you today) but whatever you do, prioritise being healthy over being productive. One carries you through life, the other is a result of being healthy enough to do…

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Catch you later,

Amy x

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