Why looking inwards to create outward success in life and business works.

Oh freedom seeker, it’s time to feel whole again.

Going freelance, becoming self employed and starting a business can unearth a lot of a lot of things about ourselves that we forgot about.

Over the course of a lifetime and over a career it’s pretty normal to soak up what’s going on in your environment, other peoples opinions, beliefs about who you are and who you should be and oftentimes we find ourselves packing small bits of us away until we have 2, maybe 3 outward dimensions. Mine was:

  • Customer Service expert
  • Mum
  • Nice approachable Amy

I didn’t really feel that there was a space for the other elements of my personality and I certainly didn’t feel like the many facets or dimensions of me were encouraged. Definitely not in my corporate career. 

After all, they need a specific set of skills and that’s what I was hired for.

In 2018 when I left my lucrative career and became a self-employed virtual assistant (check out my about me if you want to know more) the biggest challenge I faced was the realisation that I had outgrown myself.

I had shrunk myself into a tiny percentage of who I was and so began perhaps the biggest journey I have been on in this freelance life. In this life in general.

Looking inwards to create outward success

If you’re considering starting a business, going freelance or are finding it difficult to ‘level up’ or get to the next stage (whatever that looks like for you) I would ask whether you have begun to challenge your preconceived notions about yourself. Those identities you were led to create and then embellished for yourself?

The thing that you can never truly see from anothers journey is the level of personal awareness and growth you must take to build a life and career that gels together so well. You can’t see the mental battles that carry on when the people who inspire you aren’t sure what to do next, when they make a mistake, when they don’t have the skills required. And you definitely don’t see the change they make in themselves.

Unlike a diet and exercise regime we don’t recognise hard inner work on the face of those we admire but I hands down believe that the biggest, most inspirational success to you will have at the very least, started on this work.

I don’t write this as a qualified psychologist (because I’m not) but as someone simply talking from my own experience which I am the most qualified expert in.

The greatest growth in life and business that I have had, has been since I started unpacking all the pieces of me that I boxed up and put in storage for a later date. Either because I believed it wasn’t valuable to one of my 3 dimensions or as a way to keep it safe from scrutiny. Often these things are connected to the deepest roots of ourselves and we bury them. But what if we didn’t?

I don’t want to ‘little box’ myself. Do you?

I believe it’s time to stop looking at your work as a disconnected ill mannered part of your being. 

Necessary for survival but the antithesis of love, happiness, joy.

I’ve been learning how to unleash myself and build a business that supports, excites and evolves with me. Once that embraces my many dimensions and it’s all brilliant, I’m really building a business that works for me.

Do you want to build something that takes all of you and all of your life into consideration too?

Do you want your business to work WITH your life instead of against or in spite of it?

I have got your back.

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Catch you later,

Amy x

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