Successful women in business are seldom who or what you think they are. Are any of us after all?

I’ve had a strange week or two in my own business. I’m in the process of levelling up. It’s unearthed a lot of old bollocks that I still hold onto and so writing about successful women in business. Frankly I felt a little bit like ‘do as I say and not as I do’. 

Yet the truth is I am successful, I am incredibly bloody successful. Hitting my own money goals regularly is great but it’s so much more than that for me.

I’m happy. I am the healthiest I can be right now and I have wonderful people in my life. Not to mention I feel good overall. That to me is a kind of success I could only have dreamt of back in the day.

Even Forbes have their own ranking of the worlds most powerful women. I am definitely not on that list but I like to look these things up and see where their achievements feel right for me. I think outwardly a lot of people consider money to be the main measurement of success but I think that’s where we get stuck.

Oh I wont lie and tell you I make 10k months every month. I don’t and frankly that’s ok with me right now as that has not been my barometer for success. It is coming and I will be thrilled when it’s here but it’s not the only measurement.

In fact, remember that.

Remember that what barometer you choose to use to measure your success will be significant. This the single most precious piece of advice I can give you in business and in life.

You NEED to define what success means to you for yourself.

And yeah, we cannot deny that there is a level of income attached to that. But money is the by product of the other stuff and is a part of the process as a whole.

It’s just not the most important part.

Scoff all you like.

I share that with you as someone who’d have told the screen to fuck off if I’d read it. (A decade or even 5 years ago). I’d have said;

“Only someone that doesn’t worry where their next meal is coming from would say money isn’t the most important part”

It’s therefore important that you know that I came from nothing. I often worried about how to feed my son. Was always robbing from Peter to pay Paul when it came to my utilities.

Truth be told I wasn’t a good steward of my money back then because sometimes you can’t out budget poverty. I know what it’s like to feel like money is the answer to your prayers and the root of all evil all at the same time. It’s bloody exhausting but, if you can truly heed that advice (you define what success means and money is not the most important part) even when the need for money is so great you can taste it, you will get further than you ever thought possible.

I’m living proof of that.

I had a good VA business that saw me replace my corporate salary and do well. In 2019 I felt hollow, I was unwell and recovering from surgery whose findings felt that they had lifelong implications and I knew I needed to do more with my business. I will be honest I was scared to change it and so I froze for a while.

Then to later stages of that year I transitioned from VA to business mentor. Business and life coaching was getting a bit of a sticky rep and so I chose to go with the title of mentor but that may still change.

Over the last year I have been intentionally (but on a tiny scale) moving my business to something quite new to me, leading it towards mentoring in a much less ‘I’m the same as those others’ type of mentoring for your business and much more of a ‘Unique to me and you’ type of mentoring.

Asking what my definition of success is, is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot and if you were to look in my journal you would definitely see lots of brain dumping and conflicting thoughts. I’ve been thinking about this not just for me but for you too. You see, as a business mentor I want to lead with integrity. I don’t want to teach you a narrow definition of wealth or success. I don’t want to teach you a hemmed in methodology to follow that sees you only succeed to my standards, my way. That is simply unsustainable for you and that’s not what I’m about.

You deserve so much more from your coaches and mentors.

I want you to take a little meander through your thoughts with me as you read, I’d love for you to write notes down and please, I encourage you to comment or contact me and let me know what you’re thinking.

Because being successful women in business is so much more than financial independence though to be clear that is important and supporting each other in this is essential. Being successful financially should be coupled with health, community, relationships and personal and professional growth and so on and so forth – I think you know exactly what I mean.

What’s really phenomenal is that each of these areas where you would define success are dictated entirely by you. What a breath-taking opportunity we have to reach for more of what makes us whole.

Take a moment and outline these areas for me: Health/Body, Money, Work, Community, Mind, Relationships, Personal Development, Professional Development, Spirituality and write about where you’re at right now.

Wanting more

You see, whether you’re just thinking about the dream of owning your own business, whether you’re starting to see momentum in yours or whether you already consider yourself as a successful business woman making bank, you will want more.

It’s the nature of the glorious beast of life and ambition and each time you find yourself reaching for more it’s so important to first really understand exactly where you’re at and what your next level of success means to you. You define it. You break it down and you take those steps. How do you define what successful women in business means?

Oh, I love mentoring and seeing my clients buy their homes, release the next phase of their businesses whilst still managing to chase energetic toddlers around or just plain find time for holidays and time for themselves is an utter privilege. Mentoring and coaching works wonders, if you are ready for the challenge and if you find the right fit.

My next level of success is about transitioning my services and philanthropy. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like but I’m getting there! You’ll also notice that I’m starting to write less of the generic ‘how to advice’ moving forward and am focusing on the deeper relationship I experience with business as a woman. In fact I started here with this post ‘Being a woman entrepreneur’

So tell me, what does being a successful woman in business look like to you and how do you define being one? Don’t just gloss it over, really think about it. Really sit with it and feel free to share contact me here.